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Top benefits of renting laptops, desktops, and other IT peripherals for businesses

If you are on a short of office space, renting laptops and/or desktops would be a good idea. Storing laptops or desktops and the accompanying equipment can take a huge vital physical space that can restrict you from allocating other essential things in your office. Keep only what you need in the office and clear uncluttered things for a better look and environment to work for. Getting desktop and laptop rentals in Chennai may not be a big deal, but having a trusted IT equipment renting partner is difficult. We will see the top benefits of renting laptops, desktops and other IT peripherals for business in this blog and get resourceful ideas to plan perfect IT strategies for your business.


Pricing is the foremost consideration that comes to the mind of IT and financial managers that renting laptops or desktops for a short-term can be more beneficial, since it is less expensive. However, when considered from the aspect of accounting, it is more advantageous since there will be no depreciation. This helps accounting persons to generate cash for other investments and focus on multiple tasks. Moreover, renting computer equipment can giving you tax deductions and can also reduce the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance. This helps companies to get rid of expenses incurring due to IT subjective failures or malfunction problems.

Equipment as per the latest configuration and trend

A study by WiPro Product Strategy and Services states that a personal computer can efficiently work without any malfunction for only 3 years. Therefore, this gives company only two options. Either to replace its IT equipment every 3 years, or the company retains its computers and laptops which may become obsolete and inefficient if high-end configuration is needed in upcoming projects. Replacing can be quickly expensive to companies or sometimes can be even not possible to maintain from a logistics point of view. Similarly, keeping the obsolete version of software in the outdated computers or laptops may not support the latest versions and affects productivity extremely bad. This is where companies take benefit of rentals since it allows you make use of the latest generation of computers without the need of significant investments at frequent periods. However, availing a rental contract period of 3 years makes more sense and additionally, you get monthly invoices from your vendor for you to crosscheck your bills and control higher expenses if any.

Congruity of the IT infrastructure

Renting IT equipment allows you maintain same-to-same structure of the equipment, which becomes a significant benefit to the company. You can pick your choice of equipment from your rental service provider and make sure it matches with your company’s IT infrastructure. It ensures software incompatibility issues and proper support is facilitated to the company. If you have a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, it is highly prone to security issues. Anyhow, a desktop that is not updated may encounter high failure issues. Leaving it may slow down the activities of your company and can result in drastic financial issues as well.

Feasible advice and support

Some rental providers offer computer and laptop maintenance services if you rent systems with them and is included in the package. This immensely helps many companies in reduced cost of system maintenance and other IT repairs. In place of hiring two or three technically skilled persons, you can hire only one to manage and have regular follow up with your rental service provider. Therefore, to manage your IT equipment, rather than doing it in-house, it is highly beneficial to outsourcing it.

Staying ahead in competition

In these modern days, to be intact in the overwhelming competition and to stay one step ahead before your competitor tries to overcome you, it is important to stay in line to the latest trend. You may miss out many clients if your computers, laptops and other IT peripherals are not up to their expectations. Therefore, renting your IT equipment and peripherals can keep you up-to-date and allows you meet your client expectations.

Adapting to a more mobile workforce

You can provide your employees a flexible workforce with rental laptops, which could be an excellent benefit to your business, by enabling your employees more productive than before. They also adapt to changes conveniently along with changes you are adapting to improve your business activities.


Wrapping up, renting of laptops or desktops can give you more benefits than purchasing every single IT equipment, particularly if you are a start-up or does not have huge office space to accommodate more systems/employees, or you are working on a short-term project and may not have the need of IT equipment for quite a sometime. You can choose the best rental service providers and get a free technical advice and quote from them. This helps you decide the best option for you and your business and makes you understand how feasible it is in all aspects of running a business.

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