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Laptop versus Desktop: Which could be the best choice?

People working in IT will have an idea of whether to go for a laptop or desktop, since they know their workload and based on technical configuration requirements and affordability, they will choose either a computer or laptop. But when the school year approaches, parents may get into confusion choosing the best and most appropriate technology looms nearby and which one to prefer whether a desktop or laptop. In this blog, we have provided you all the possible factors that you can consider before making a decision whether a laptop or a desktop.


A PC cannot be carried with you and it is a static, stationary computer. Along with a desktop, you get a tower like CPU, monitor, keyboard and a mouse. But in general, PCs are more customizable than laptops. You can get your configuration assembled in a PC, whereas such options are limited in laptops. A laptop is a portable device and comes with all-in-one functionality along with USB inputs on the sides for optional peripherals. Everything comes inbuilt for a laptop except the mouse, but you can connect an external mouse and keypad if you are not comfortable with using the keypad of the laptop. Like how you can choose the screen size in desktops, you can also choose in laptops but compared to screen-size in desktops, laptops have only few standard screen sizes. You can even turn your TV monitor as your computer screen and work comfortably, whereas you cannot do the same with a laptop. But again, you can connect your laptop screen through projectors while in meetings. Though desktops do not require charging where laptops definitely require, and during power cuts, you cannot work using a PC but with laptops, you can work for one or two hours more if it is fully charged.

What is the argument for laptops?

Laptop remains to be the best option for students who go out of home to computer classes or students who are attending their college for project work and several other purposes. Portability is the primary reason that many people prefer laptops and convenience of working capability. Anyhow laptops are more delicate than desktops, you can see rugged laptops as well that perform well without being damaged. If your work is not too heavy to perform, you can prefer using laptops. For example, reading, word processing, videos streaming, watching movies, or using social media. If you have plans to go outside but simultaneously work as well you can carry a laptop with freedom, since the charge in it can last even an entire day for working or learning.

What is the argument for a PC?

If you expect your computer to be extensively versatile, then a desktop PC would be the best choice. If you use desktops, you can store huge files and play games since they support high quality graphics easily. You can also change desktops to fit your needs. Depending on your project need, you can increase your configuration in desktops, whereas in laptops it is not possible, such as RAM, graphics card, etc. If you are attending your school from home or into distance-learning, a desktop computer can be your best companion. But the only challenge is transporting it from one place to another and making it work properly. It is an exceptional use for playing any kind of high-end games. But we also have all-in-one PCs that have CPU built-in and can be highly portable.

Desktop or laptop

If a desktop PC and a laptop have the same specifications, the laptop will be more expensive. All of the above, you will not get a less-expensive laptop than desktop PCs and laptops come with many limitations. But if you prefer high-end laptops, they are a great investment since they can be used for gaming, streaming and performing other school/college work as well. Be it for students or employees, desktop PCs serve high and cost-effective too when compared to laptops. But if you are into business development, none other than laptop can help you better. Eventually, upgrading a PC can be time consuming and expensive process as well, but the initial investment you put in PCs may not be sky-high. Additionally, if you are upgrading your processor in a PC, you might have to upgrade your RAM, graphic card and other relevant component connected to it. You should also understand that when compared to the price of an assembled PC, a pre-made desktop PC can be quite costly. Anyhow, for the first time if you are buying a laptop or desktop, you will have the OS pre-installed and have to install the antivirus before you install the required applications.


Now we know the benefits of having a laptop or desktop PC, it is high time you get to know the fact between buying and renting a laptop or PC in Chennai. Buying a laptop/desktop might be a never-ending process and may not support you in the long-run with the investment. Therefore, renting a laptop or desktop PC in Chennai will be an ideal solution. If you want to rent a laptop in Chennai, RND Infoserve provides all types of latest laptops and desktops for rental at affordable prices. To make a right choice between which is the best, you require an expert’s opinion, for which RND Infoserve can be your first option. Contact RND Infoserve at +91-98949-49496.

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