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Pros and cons of renting computer equipment

With hardware and software evolving at an unimaginable speed and the value of technologies not last longing even in the due course, becomes a great problem for companies in managing their IT assets. At the same time, maintenance of computer equipment is another hectic and costly task, which is highly resource-intensive. This makes it too strong for majority of companies go for computer equipment rental. Let us uncover some heavy reasons that support renting is beneficial and also the non-beneficial aspect too.

IT leasing advantages


If your company receives a project, the first thing that your IT and financial managers will think of is pricing. However, renting computers and laptops and other IT equipment is less expensive even when compared to bulk purchase though. If you purchase computer equipment, it is accounted as an asset and there will be depreciation, whereas in case of renting will not have it. Moreover, the rental cost can be tax deductible and further, the maintenance cost towards IT infrastructure can also be reduced/deducted, since these equipment can lead to failure or malfunction problems.

Latest generation of equipment

Project requirements can keep changing constantly and depending on that, you may have to upgrade your computers or laptops often. This may again incur high cost added to your investment. Moreover, the lifetime is a PC is three years, it leaves the company with two choices: Either you change your IT equipment every 3 years or you keep them with risks and becoming obsolete and inefficient where the latest software or applications may not work in it. In the cost aspect, it is not only quick expensive but also highly not affordable for many companies.

This is where computer and/or laptop rental falls in place allowing you benefit from the latest generation of equipment without the need of significant investments at fixed periods. With the rental period being highly flexible, you don’t have to worry about changing from computer to a laptop or upgrading the software/hardware of your IT equipment.

Homogeneity of the IT infrastructure

Renting laptops or desktops ensures uniformity of the equipment you use, so your IT administrator can easily balance all IT requirements and provide equally configured systems for use to your employees. This helps you avoid software incompatibility and ensure extended and high support is facilitated.

If you have a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, your company may easily prone to security issues, and if desktops do not get upgraded at the required time, it may lead you to experience failures at work, which may extremely impact your business.

Advice and Support

Based on your project need or if there is a problem with your rented IT equipment, you can be relieved from managing your IT infrastructure and its related services, since your rental service provider will have equipped technicians to visit your place immediately and resolve it quickly, without affecting your business.

If you have purchased computer equipment which can be with or without warranty, the respective customer support may take time to visit and resolve your issue. Moreover, if there is a fault with a rented computer or laptop and if it has to be carried over to the provider’s place, the technicians will take it and in the meantime, for a smooth workflow will replace it with another system of same configuration, whereas it is not the case with the brand’s technician.

Now we know some of the best advantages of renting laptops or computers from a service provider, let us look at the other side of the show as well.

IT Lease disadvantages

Duration and clause of the Contract

Instead of considering the duration as a disadvantage, we could say that it’s a long-term commitment for companies and rental companies make it a vision such that you become totally dependent on them. In case you sign up for a long-term contract for about 3 to 5 years, in case you wish to break/change the contract in the mid will be very difficult. Therefore, before you avail computer equipment for rental, do an intensive research on the following details:

  • The contract duration
  • The clauses
  • The performance needs of the rental providing company
  • The quality of the offer they give and their approach towards rental service

If these things are not done prior to your contract with them, it may affect your productivity.

Return of the equipment

Once the rental period is complete, you have to return the rented equipment to the service provider without any damage to the products that you have used. This will be mentioned in the agreement, so it is important that you read and understand all the clauses. In case you encounter any damage to the rented computer or laptop, you will be entitled to pay compensation for the damage you encountered.


Though the cons mentioned here on IT lease are common with every IT rental service providers, it is a wise choice looking at the benefits of renting laptops or computers. If you are looking for laptop rental in Chennai or hire desktops of your choice, in Chennai or Bangalore, get in touch with Chennai’s one of the best and leading IT equipment rental service provider, RnD Infoserve and fulfil your IT needs without compromising on quality and at considerable rental price.

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