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Things to keep in mind while renting laptops or desktops

Be it a laptop or desktop, renting has a huge market in the recent days and followed as a trend in India. This is because the availability and configuration of the laptop or desktop model you need at cost-effective pricing and if you do not have a space for purchasing new ones in your budget. But while preferring laptop rentals in Chennai, there are certain things you should consider before you do it.

Operating system

No matter if you want to rent a Macbook or a desktop, choose the best operating system that suits your requirement. Most developers would like to go for Linux based systems or Macintosh since the footprint of memory system is less and Windows might be appropriate for heavy work that has lesser development.


Macintosh has only one option to get into use, which is Apple Macbook, but Windows gives you high usability on multiple devices of high-end brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and other varieties of brands as well. Unless you have any specific requirement on the weight and dimension for your configuration, you will not face any consequence with choosing the brand.


This is something you have to take a deep look into because it decides which applications can be run on the machines. Core i3 can be an ideal configuration to start with, though some may even go for Core 2 Duo or DualCore. But if you deal with highly complicated projects and high-end applications, you can consider better configurations like Core i5, Core i7, and other latest ones too.


Do not prefer older generation computers that are made between 2010 and 2011 since they can generally be heavier and slower in speed. Therefore, before you rent a laptop or desktop, go for a generation 4 or 5 as it shows some significant improvement compared to generation 1 and 2.


This factor completely depends on all the aforementioned factors because the price may vary upon different configuration you choose. For example, if the buying cost of a laptop or desktop is 40,000/- in the market, you can get it for rent at 1,800 – 2,000/-. So if the device’s configuration is high, the rental for laptop or desktop may also increase. Particularly, if you look for Macbook rental in Chennai, it can cost you more than other operating systems.


Companies providing laptop rentals in Chennai are more, and therefore, you should look for the one that gives you proper replacement and service in case of any hardware or software issue in the laptop or desktop. Not all companies provide free service while renting, so know about the service and support in detail before you rent a laptop/desktop in Chennai.


If you are not sure about your project duration and how long you will require renting a laptop/desktop, choose a rental service provider who is flexible in terms of rental duration and offers monthly package. Now you know the various factors while renting a laptop or desktop, here is a list of things you should avoid while renting any laptop or desktop

  • Do not choose configuration without knowing about the applications you might be using. Your project might be having basic applications of Windows or Mac, but without proper knowledge, do not intend to rent a high-end configuration system for using basic applications.
  • Be very cautious about price negotiations because the more you negotiate on price, you may get the device you want but it could be of the oldest stock as well. Therefore, do not negotiate more on laptop/desktop rentals.
  • Do not prefer to use a rented laptop/computer that has pirated version of operating system and other applications. Though it can cost you more, you will not incur any penalties in the future due to using pirated versions.

If you run short-term projects or your long-term projects may continue for further renewals, you can rent different kinds of laptops and desktops with the best laptop/desktop rental service providers in Chennai. We believe that the information provided in this blog with dos and don’ts while renting a laptop or desktop is helpful to you. Remember these points while you go out on looking for a laptop/desktop for rent. If you are looking to rent a laptop in Chennai, get in touch with R&D Infoserve, one of the best laptop, desktop and IT peripherals rental service providers, offering high configuration devices at best prices. You can post your inquiry by dropping an email to rndinfoserve@gmail.com or call +91-98409-49496.

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