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CCTV Dealers in Chennai

The best CCTV dealers for surveillance system installation in Chennai


Multiple Storage Options

You can store and archive the visuals from your camera in the cloud, local storage or the hybrid of both.

Connect with Existing TV

Connecting the camera with your existing TV helps you to view the CCTV visuals quickly anytime.

User-friendly System

We install the CCTV system in a simple way making it easier for you to operate the CCTV system.

View Your Property from Anywhere

Remote viewing feature enables to you view the visuals on mobile from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

R&D Infoserve can offer a wide range of cameras for CCTV system. Whether it’s HD CCTV, IP CCTV or wireless cameras you need, we can provide you with the right time CCTV cameras you need to meet your requirements.

We also have various CCTV camera models for indoor, outdoor and long-distance surveillance. The wide array of CCTV cameras in different sizes, shapes and with different kinds of lenses offers lots options to choose from based on your needs.

Why Choose R&D Infoserve

Multiple Storage Options

Installation and of flawless CCTV systems and prompt CCTC service have made one of the popular CCTV dealers.

Quality Products

We offer superior quality products for the CCTV system to ensure we deliver our customers with the best products.

Latest Technology

We deliver cutting-edge technology and avant-garde products to create secure and flawless CCTV system for you.

CCTV Sales in Chennai

R&D offers the complete range of products and accessories you need to create a CCTV system for your property. We primarily offer CCTV technologies from HIKVISION which is one of the best brands in the world for property monitoring technologies.

We have CCTV products suitable for all kinds of properties like homes, offices, and commercial properties. At R&D Infoserve, you get all the items you need for a CCTV system under one roof. Whether you want the complete products and accessories to build a new CCTV system or you want some particular products to replace old ones, we can deliver you with superior quality products for your requirements.

CCT V Installation Service in Chennai

We help property owners to secure their assets by installing a CCTV system for the surveillance. Whether it’s your home, office or a commercial building, we have the right talents and expertise to install the perfect CCTV system that fit your needs.

Our well-trained engineers conduct a site survey to understand your needs and plan the perfect monitoring system for the property. Our experts can provide you a detailed consultation to help you finalize the best technologies. The technically proficient experts in our team implement the cabling and install the CCTV accessories at the right places.

CCTV Maintenance and Repairing in Chennai

Our CCTV maintenance service provides regular inspection of your CCTV system to ensure its security and reliability. In large commercial properties and office buildings, the CCTV system may require regular maintenance. So, R&D Infoserve offers proper maintenance service for them.

The regular inspection is helpful to identify the potential problems with the CCTV system and take actions accordingly before the problem affect surveillance. In properties where 24×7 surveillance is essential, it’s important to identify the potential problem before it happens and to solve them quickly. It ensures the uninterrupted operation of the CCTV system and security monitoring.

CCTV Consulting in Chennai

R&D Infoserve has been providing consultation for homeowners, commercial property owners, and businesses to identify the best CCTV system for their requirements. We conduct CCTV feasibility studies and document operational requirements which become helpful while choosing the best CCTV system.

The CCTV market is saturated with hundreds of types of products and technologies. It makes it difficult for common people to figure out the best CCTV technologies and products for their needs. That’s where our consultation becomes crucial.

We identify your needs, inspect your site and give you expert advice on the best options available to you. Depending on your budget and other restraints, you can pick the best one from that.

Remote Monitoring

We can set up the remote monitoring feature to your CCTV system if you want to see the visuals from any place. It allows you to view your property on your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world via the internet. Using an API, we connect the CCTV system with internet so you can access the visuals from your phone or computer.

We recommend HIKVISION CCTV system for those who want remote monitoring. They make it easier to set up the remote monitoring and viewing the visuals using HIK Connect app for Android and iPhones.

Major Components of the CCTV System

A CCTV system is a comprehensive system of many devices. The most basic CCTV system is comprised of a camera to capture the visuals and a monitor to display the visual or storage to save the visuals for later usage.


There are multiples types of camera suitable for different needs and technologies. Cameras use IR LEDs to capture crystal clear visuals even in the night. Cameras are classified based on the following factors.


Cables connect the various components of the CCTV system like camera, storage, and monitor, etc. Common types of cables used in CCTV system in Chennai are RJ45 and RJ59. Depending on the cable, the connectors for power and data transmission also change.

Video Recorders

The videos captured by the camera can be stored in a recorder for later. Two common technologies used for video recording in the CCTV system are DVR (digital video recorder) and NVR (network video recorder). Although both of them store the video, they work entirely. DVR is commonly used when only local storage of the visuals is required. However, NVR makes remote viewing and storing visuals on cloud easier.

Display Unit

The display unit is consisted of monitors and it allows you view the visuals from camera in real-time. You can have multiple monitors if you need strict surveillance system. On other hand, you can also connect the CCTV system with the existing TV and view the visuals. CCTV system with remote viewing feature enables you to watch the visuals from your surveillance camera using on your smartphone or computer via internet.

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